10 essential kitchen accessories

In the mountains, there is a famous saying, "there is no bad weather, just bad equipment". Indeed, well equipped, we can go out (almost) in all conditions!
And finally, in a van it's a bit the same thing. With the right equipment, it is possible to stay very minimalist while keeping the essentials and making good meals.

After many road trips in a van, we've had time to polish our list of essential accessories: the ones we have with us and the ones that can make cooking so much easier and more enjoyable in a van, vans or motorhome.
Here are the 10 essentials for cooking in a van! To you good food on the road and on the road!
We will share recipe ideas with you very soon to test all these accessories :)

1. Omnia Furnace

The Omnia oven was one of the first accessories we bought for our road trips! Thanks to its central hole allowing the heat to spread, it works like an oven and is very easy to use on a gas stove.

It has never been easier to make cakes, lasagna, gratins and pizzas on the road (we can only recommend the silicone mold which avoids a lot of washing up).

Four Omnia - Accessoire Vanlife
  • Brand: Omnia
  • Price: €45.90
  • Dimensions stacked : (L)25cm * (w)25cm * (h)9cm
  • Weight: approx. 500g
  • Capacity: 2L

2. Portable portable barbecue

An essential when traveling with Aurel! Since we live most of the time outside during our road trips, we might as well take the opportunity to have barbecues! We love the good smell of the wood fire, the crackling and the heat given off by the flames.

The advantage of a barbecue on a road trip? It's a simple meal to prepare and delicious! We also cook our vegetables and potatoes to accompany the grilled meat. And the big + of this barbecue: it folds and becomes super compact!

  • Brand: UCO
  • Price: €51.90
  • Dimensions (unfolded):(L)34cm*(w)25.4cm*(h)28cm
  • Dimensions (folded): (L)34cm * (w)25.4cm * (h)3cm
  • Weight: 1.5kg
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3. Collapsible Toaster

Breakfast is sacred! Especially when traveling when we have time to get up quietly and enjoy the morning. So ​​grilled sandwiches when you wake up in the middle of the forest or with a view of the ocean, we don't say no. This toaster just sits on the gas, and the smell of toast comes on!

Grille pain pliable nomade - camping - Vanlife

  • Brand: Primus
  • Price: €14.90
  • Dimensions: (L)16cm * (W)14cm * (h)1cm
  • Weight: 186g

4. Cookware set with integrated colanders

Cookware is definitely a no-miss for cooking.And in a van, you might as well optimize the available spaceThis cookware set is very versatile: the handles are retractable and the pan lids have an integrated colander. Can be used on fire or gas, they are compact, strong and durable. We love it!

Batterie de cuisine nomade Camping Vanlife
  • Brand: Primus
  • Price: €84.90
  • Contents: 2 saucepans with folding handles, 1 frying pan and 2 strainers built into the lids.
  • Weight: 1.2 kg

5. Gas stove

We could hardly cook every day without a gas stove. The Cadac brand stove is the benchmark for solid and durable equipment. Compact, it closes and moves very easily. We also like the Deluxe option which allows you to cook à la plancha and make barbecues.

Réchaud gaz - Camping et Vanlife - Cadac
  • Brand: Cadac
  • Price: €69.90
  • Dimensions: (L)57cm*(w)32cm*(h)10cm
  • Weight: 5kg

    6. Foldable Windshield

    It's not always the accessory you think of first and yet... cooking outside in the wind quickly becomes an impossible mission. Wind blows under the pan to extinguish the flame in seconds.

    The foldable windscreen is therefore the right accessory to have with you for cooking outside in (almost) all conditions.

    Pare vent - Brise vent - Cuisine camping - Vanlife - Tatonka
    • Brand: Tatonka
    • Price: €27.90
    • Dimensions : (L)65cm * (W)20cm * (h)2cm
    • Dimensions folded: (L)8cm*(w)20cm*(h)2cm
    • Weight : 220g

    7. Flexible water tank

    As a precaution, we usually keep the water in the van's tanks for the shower and the dishes and keep drinking water in another jerrycan that we fill as we go into fountains , etc. We are sure to have fresh, clean water and can empty it and rinse/wash much more easily and frequently.

    We use the flexible tank below: it stands on its own, super strong and can be attached anywhere. And when it's half full (or half empty ;) ), it takes up less space than a solid jerrycan.

    Réservoir d'eau souple - Jerrican - Hydrapak Expedition
    • Brand: Hydrapak
    • Price: €59.90
    • Capacity: 8L
    • Dimensions: (L)38cm * (W)20cm * (h)1.1cm
    • Weight: 257g

    8. Flexible basin

    A flexible basin for everything: rinse the dishes, wash the clothes, wash your feet after going to the beach, etc. We can't get enough of this super-compact little basin that quickly found its place in our van.

    Bassine souple et compacte - Sea To Summit
    • Brand: Sea To Summit
    • Price: €25.90
    • Capacity: 10L
    • Dimensions: (L)30cm * (W)30cm * (h)13cm
    • Weight: 126g

    9.15in1 multi-tool

    We would all like to have the Marie Poppins bag in our kitchen, to take with us all the utensils we need to cook

    Rodol'f Le Rouleau is somewhat the same concept: a multifunction accessory which brings together the 15 essential kitchen utensils for cooking, all in one ultra-compact case.

    Rodolf Le Rouleau - Outils multifonction - Cuisine Vanlife
    • Mark: Rodol'f the Roller
    • Price: €73
    • Dimensions: (L)34cm * (d)8.2cm
    • Weight: 790g

    10. Cutting board and knife (which cuts!)

    All we need is a good knife and a cutting board to prepare our good meals. This cutting board kit is ideal for preparing on-the-go meals easily and peacefully.

    We like its durable oak board, the chef's knife that cuts well and its storage cover that we also use to put food on it before and after cutting (water-repellent, the fabric is very easy to clean)

    Cuisine Vanlife Camping - Planche à découper chêne
    • Brand: Primus
    • Price: €69.90
    • Contents: Cutting board, knife, protective cover
    • Dimensions : (L)42cm * (W)28cm
    • Weight : 550g

    And you, what are your essential kitchen accessories for your road trips?

    Would you like to read our tips for cooking in a van easily and peacefully? It's over here!

      January 05, 2022 — Ori & Aurel

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