Wood Stove Storage Bag - Rocket Stove

Brand Petromax

The carry bag from Petromax has been designed for the Petromax RF33 Rocket Stove. It's ideal for storing in your van, campervan or motorhome when you hit the road again.

With its walls and bottom reinforced, the transport bag protects against shocks and allows it to be moved in complete safety. The quilted fabric Ripstop is water-repellent and thus protects the Rocket Stove from moisture and dirt.

The reinforced 2 handles and strap removable make it easy and comfortable to carry.

The little extra: the mesh pockets inside the bag and the Velcro pockets on the outside are ideal for storing additional accessories (match, lighter, etc.)


The storage bag dedicated to the Petromax Rocket Stove wood stove will allow you to store it very easily and transport it with ease during your road trips.

  • Material: Heavy-duty, tear-resistant lined nylon.
  • Dimensions: (L)32cm*(W)28cm*(h)34.5cm
  • Weight: 980g
  • Color: black