Manual stainless steel coffee grinder


This manual stainless steel coffee grinder from the Groenenberg brand is essential for grinding coffee to the desired size during your road trips, camping trips, and during your nomadic adventures. It retains all the aroma of the coffee beans and it is compact .

Grinding coffee with this grinder is very simple. You have to remove the lid and the handle, put the coffee beans in the grinder and then adjust the size for the desired grind. Then you screw the lid and the handle back on and turn the handle to grind the coffee. And it's already done!

Its ceramic grinder adjusts precisely and produces less heat than other grinders which preserves the maximum  aromas of the coffee. The Groenenberg grinder grinds coffee for all machines. It allows you to drink espressos or americanos.  The setting varies between a smaller size for espressos and a larger size for French presses and coffee filters . This grinder can hold up to 35 grams of ground coffee to prepare 800ml of coffee.

The handle of the manual grinder is removable, which makes it easy to store. It takes up little space and can be taken anywhere . The grinder is entirely made of stainless steel ( handle included) and is guaranteed anti-rust. 

Finally, it is easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth or a kitchen sponge. 

Attention to the coffee connoisseurs, this accessory is made for you!


The Groenenberg manual stainless steel coffee grinder grinds coffee in seconds and allows you to enjoy the aroma of each coffee made on a nomadic trip in a van, converted van or motorhome, or RV.

  • Dimensions : (d) 4.8cm * (h) 17.8cm
  • Weight: 295g
  • Material: very high quality 304 stainless steel
  • Colours: Gray
  • Capacity : grinds up to 35 grams of coffee 

The positive for the planet

Groenenberg is a sustainable and ecologically committed brand

  • 100% plastic-free shipping in reused boxes
  • Durable and repairable products thanks to a repair service
  • Objective of relocating production to Europe