Silicone molds duo pack - for Omnia Oven

Brand Omnia

The silicone mold, specially designed for the Omnia oven, is a very useful accessory for baking cakes, pies and other recipes prepared in the Omnia oven.

The mold is simply inserted into the Omnia oven and allows food to be cooked evenly. The non-stick and flexible material allows for easy demolding and doesn't require at or oils to be added.easy, does not require fat and washes very easily in hot water.

Thanks to the Omnia silicone mold, cleaning becomes fast and easy: no need to scrub your dish for hours!

This set of 2 molds allows you to prepare different recipes at the same time and use the 2 molds simultaneously.

The Omnia oven can accommodate other accessories such as the grill and the silicone mold for muffins, available on our e-shop.

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The Omnia mold is made of silicone (guaranteed without Bisphenol A).

  • Dimensions : diameter of about 22cm.
  • Color : red and beige
  • Capacity : approximately 2L
  • Temperature range : -30°C to 260°C

Flexible and non-stick, it is very easy to clean and stores easily.
Freezer friendly. Dishwasher safe and can be used alone in the microwave.