Nomad LED lantern - Sprout Mini

Brand UCO

Compact and lightweight, the UCO Sprout Mini LED Lantern packs a punch!

The UCO Sprout Mini lamp with its magnetic lanyard offers adjustable luminosity up to 100 lumens  with white and moonlight (blue LED) settings.

You can use it to light up your table, attach it to your van, motorhome or RV or take it with you on your nomad adventures.

Small enough to fit in your bag but big enough to make a difference!


  • Up to 60 hours of battery life
  • Compact, mini size
  • Magnetic lanyard
  • Adjustable and energy-saving LED light
  • White or blue light
  • Night light setting
  • Dust and water resistant


A solid and compact lamp which will accompany you on all your nomad adventures.

  • Luminosity: 100 lumens
  • Dimensions : (w)6.4cm x (h)4.8cm
  • Weight: 64g
  • Battery: 3 x AAA (not included)
  • Resistance standard: IPX4