Compact Salad Spinner

Brand Cookut

The salad spinner made by Cookut is a very compact spinner, ideal for preparing meals on the go during your road trips in a van, motorhome, RV or even camping.

It simply folds so you can store it just about anywhere, like a closet or drawer without taking up space, as opposed to most salad spinners who take up half the cupboard!

To spin the lettuce, Iit couldn't be easier: just put the washed lettuce in the net and then insert the net in the waterproof bag. Close the bag with the draw string and wring out your salad by swinging the bag around for 1 minute.

When finished, take the salad out of the bag and empty the water that will have accumulated. The waterproof fabric will indeed have retained all the water while drying your salad.

Your salad will stay fresh and crisp longer thanks to a good spin.


A super convenient salad spinner designed for small spaces where storage room is at a premium.

  • Folded dimensions : (L)cm * (w)cm x (h)cm
  • Dimensions unfolded :r  (L)15cm * (W)22cm x (H)25cm
  • Weight : 234g
  • Materials : Recycled cotton and polyester. Guaranteed BPA-free .
  • Color : yellow or green
  • Machine washable (30-40°C)

The + for the planet

Cookut is a sustainable and eco-friendly brand:

  • For each Cookut product produced, 1 bee is reintroduced into Cookut hives throughout France.
  • Recycled cardboard box.
  • Recycled polyester.