Blanket 100% virgin wool

Brand Petromax

This blanket is perfectly designed for the great outdoors, warming up in the van and simply for evenings by the fire.

The wool blanket from the German brand Petromax is made of 100% virgin sheep's wool . Its quality and its resistance over time make it an ideal accessory for any nomad adventure.

The natural properties of wool and the high density of wool fibers make it hydrophobic and spark resistant. So you can put it on the damp ground in the forest or keep it around you near the campfire.

The wool blanket is soft and very thick, allowing it to retain body heat and keep you warm even on the coldest days.

For easy storage and transport, you can simply roll it up and tie it with the included adjustable straps. This blanket, thanks to the leather straps and compact size, will make an ideal travel companion for all your adventures!leather.

With its vintage look, it will quickly find its place in your van and have you yearning for your next adventure.


Petromax's New Wool Blanket is ideal for on-the-go adventures, whether it's cozying up on the grass, around the fire, or wrapping up to stay toasty warm.

  • Dimensions: (L)150cm * (W)200cm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Materials: 100% virgin wool, saddle stitch trim with white merino wool thread, leather strap and handle, leather logo
  • Color: white and dark gray
  • Hydrophobic and resists fire sparks