Enamel Plates - Blue (Set of 4)

Brand Falcon

The vintage enamel plate from the famous brand Falcon is the perfect option for on-the-go meals .

Very resistant, lightweight and easy to clean, it is also extremely durable: it resists up to 270°C and can therefore be used on your gas stove during your road trips, nomad voyages by van, RV or motorhome.

A quality, practical, durable (and pretty) accessory: just the way we like them!

This set includes 4 plates.


The enamel products meet all requirements for outdoor and indoor cooking. They are durable, food grade safe and easy to clean.

  • Dimensions : (D)23cm * (H)2cm
  • Weight : 237g
  • Colour : white with blue rim

    Care instructions

    - How do I clean my Falcon Enamelware?

    Lemon juice can remove stains on Falcon enamel, such as tea stains on mugs. To remove food cooked in the oven soak the products in soapy hot water, but avoid abrasive sponges or brushes as these can scratch the surface. Coating your pots and pans lightly with oil before cooking can make cleaning after use easier.

    - If my enamel is chipping, can I still use it?

    Yes. Like all ceramics, the outside surface of porcelain can chip on impact, revealing the metal underneath. When this happens, the steel underneath oxidizes naturally and the enamel product remains safe to use. Moreover, in our opinion, it gains in character.

    The + for the planet

    Falcon is a sustainable brand : 

    • Their steel and enamel products  have a practically unlimited lifetime, are food grade safe, resist fruit acids and are 100% non toxic.  
    • Packaging without plastic.