The 20 essential accessories for traveling in a van

Are you taking your first steps in Vanlife and want to know what accessories to take with you? Or do you want to make sure that your vanlife equipment is always complete ? Then this article will be very useful to you!

Even if Vanlife involves living with the minimum , there are certain essential equipment that make life easier. Equipping yourself with the right accessories allows you to spend quality time aboard your van, converted van or camper van!

We share with you the list of the 20 best essential and essential accessories to take with you when going on the road.

Neither too much nor too little! :)

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For the vehicle
For hygiene and comfort
For cooking and hydration

For the vehicle

1. Level wedges

Have you found a place to stay for the night but the terrain is not flat? Now is the time to stabilize your vehicle for greater comfort. The level wedges will allow you to adjust your parking to different slopes of the terrain. When not in use, they store easily in their included cover.

Thule level blocks

2. 3 in 1 gas detector

In a small space such as a van, camper van or camper van, gas (propane/butane) or carbon monoxide leaks happen quickly and can become significant. A detector helps ensure safety and peace of mind when traveling (and sleeping) in your van.

3Gas+ 3 in 1 gas detector

3. Landing plates

Very useful for getting your vehicle out of muddy, sandy and snowy terrain when you venture a little too far off the beaten track.

Fiamma clearing plates

4. M1 Safety Kit

The triangle and the reflective vest have been compulsory accessories since 2008 for all vehicles. This kit will allow you to remain visible to other road users and safe in the event of a breakdown or incident during your road trips.

M1 Safety Kit

5. Fire extinguisher

Another essential for safety, and not the least important. The ABC powder fire extinguisher is specifically designed for automobiles. With a capacity of 1L and very compact , it will allow you to put out different types of fire if necessary during your nomadic adventures.

ABC powder extinguisher ANAF Group

6. Headlamp

Vanlife also happens at night! The rechargeable USB headlamp, with its beam ranging from 10cm to 50m, will light you up at night and when traveling in the dark. The headlamp can also be very useful for illuminating the underside of your vehicle and carrying out a small repair if it acts up. ;)

BioLite Headlamp

7. Multi-function tool

The Leatherman multi-function tool brings together 14 or 18 essential tools (pliers, knife, ruler, bottle opener, etc.) which will be very useful in your nomadic adventures. Essential for carrying out small repairs , doing electricity but also for cutting sausage or uncapping your beer. Guaranteed for life, these are the best multi-function tools you can find!

Leatherman multi-tool

  • Brand: Leatherman
  • Price: €88.90
  • Learn more
  • For hygiene and comfort

    8. First aid kit

    Even if we hope not to have to use it, it is always reassuring to have the essentials to treat small injuries that may occur during your road trips and nomadic adventures. This kit contains 62 accessories : plasters, bandages, scissors, dressings, etc.

    RFX+Carev first aid kit

    9. Garden hose

    The garden hose is essential for your campervan and motorhome: it allows you to easily fill your water tank or clean your vehicle and its accessories.

    We have selected the Fitt extendable hose for you: it measures up to 20 meters and has a jet with 4 functions ( shower, straight jet, wide cone and misting). It is compact, light and does not tie (it rolls up on itself), perfect to take on the road!

    Fitt Garden Hoses



    10. Foldable dry toilet

    If your vehicle is not equipped with a toilet, this very sturdy folding dry toilet which supports up to 125kg is perfect for urgent needs. Once folded , it measures only 5cm high and can be easily stored in a corner of your vehicle.

    Bivvy Loo folding toilet

    11. Foldable waterproof soft basin

    The foldable basin is very useful for washing, washing dishes or even laundry. Its carrying handles make it very easy to handle and transport. It is resistant to hot water up to 60°C and is very compact once folded into its small cover.

    Sea To Summit Foldable Basin

    • Brand: Sea To Summit
    • Price: €25.90 (10L) - €30.90 (20L)
    • Learn more 

    12. Compact, Foldable Mini Excavator

    A small, lightweight, multi-purpose retractable shovel (for compost , natural needs, etc.). We are always happy to have it with us on the roads. The essential to leave no trace when leaving your spot!

    Sea To Summit Foldable Mini Excavator

    13. Portable Solar Pressure Shower

    Taking a shower can sometimes be a challenge when traveling in a van and having a portable shower makes life a lot easier!

    The foot pump of this shower with a capacity of 10L or 20L is perfect for good pressure and its long hose allows you to rinse your entire body. Its little plus, its black color allows the water to be heated when the shower is filled and left in the sun. You can also fill it directly with hot water!

    NEMO Equipment Portable Solar Shower

    • Brand: NEMO Equipment
    • Price: from €149.90
    • Learn more 

    14. The 3 in 1 biodegradable soap

    Sloe 's Nil natural soap cold saponified is enriched with French hemp oil and is biodegradable.

    Versatile, Nil soap from Sloe has 3 in 1 use : it is also used in shampoo , in care for the face and body. It's the new essential in our travel toiletry bag.

    Sloe 3in1 biodegradable soap

    For cooking and hydration

    15. Gas stove

    If your vehicle is not equipped with a gas stove, the simplest solution is obviously to bring a gas stove. There are several sizes and some also have grooved plates and planchas to add to diversify the preparations.

    Classic Stove Cadac gas stove

    16. Cookware

    To cook in a van, you don't need to bring a thousand and one pots. This cookware set provides the basic utensils to prepare your favorite recipes on the road: a frying pan and two saucepans.

    They fit together and their handles are retractable to save significant space in a van.

    The saucepans also have holes in their lid to create a strainer and drain food.

    Primus cookware

    • Brand: Primus
    • Price :  €89.90 (Small), €99.90 (Large)
    • Learn more

    17. Stainless steel cups

    To enjoy your morning coffee/tea and all your other favorite drinks throughout the day. This stainless steel cup has a double wall to keep your drink hotter for longer and not burn your hands.

    Primus stainless steel cup

    18. Enamel plates

    For us, the most suitable tableware for Vanlife is enamel tableware. For what ? Because it is light, unbreakable and pretty! There is no risk of it breaking during transport, you can place it on a stove and it will highlight your portable dishes.

    Falcon Enamel Plate

    • Brand: Falcon
    • Price: €37 (set of 4)
    • Learn more

    19. Cutlery

    Don't forget to taste the dishes prepared for you in your van! We advise you to opt for stainless steel cutlery sets that fit together or attach with a strap to make them easy to put together and transport.

    Primus stainless steel cutlery

    20. Filter bottle

    To always have drinking water on hand, a filter bottle is essential! Even when you are unsure of the quality of the water you find on your road trip, you can drink it with complete peace of mind.

    In stainless steel, plastic or flexible and in different capacities and colors, thanks to these bottles, you will never run out of water!

    Lifestraw filter bottle

    • Brand: Lifestraw
    • Price: from €46.90
    • Learn more


    With this article, you now have a better idea of ​​the essential accessories to pack with you to travel in a van comfortably (at least, we hope so!).
    Please feel free to send us a message if you have any further questions and concerns. And if you want to know more about portable accessories , we also share our little favorites with you (not always essential but which accompany us on all our road trips ;)).

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