The 15 Vanlife apps to make your road trips easier

    We love to let ourselves be carried away by the trip and enjoy the spontaneity of the Vanlife, but we also like to assure ourselves that we will have everything we need when we are on the road (spotlights, water, fuel, etc.) .

    Faced with the success of the Vanlife , many applications have been created to facilitate the logistics of road trips: whether to find the right route or the right spot, to know where to refill water or where to find fuel easily.

    We have gathered for you the 15 Vanlife applications that can help you on your next road trips. In addition, we also share with you which applications are essential for us . ;)

    You will find in our article, applications for:

    1. Know which paths to take and mark your favorite places
    2. Find the perfect spot
    3. Find drinking water and toilets
    4. Refuel
    5. Find Wi-Fi
    6. Know the weather
    7. Plan hiking routes and visits
    8. Share your road trip and your itinerary

    And we also share with you our 4 favorite applications that we regularly use on the road and which have become indispensable .

    1. Know which paths to take and mark your favorite places

    Finding your way on the roads

    These applications, you probably know them. Indeed, they are not specifically dedicated to van travel. And yet, they are very useful to know which roads to take and avoid getting completely lost (even if sometimes you do, that's part of the fun of Vanlife, isn't it?). :)


    • Google Maps
    Google Maps - Logo

    With the Google Maps application , its routes and traffic information, you are bound to find your route ! You will also find opening hours, photos and reviews of points of interest (campsites, shops, etc.). You can also download the maps to navigate offline.

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    • Waze

    The Waze application is powered by the motorists who use it and aims to avoid traffic jams . It will guide you to the best routes and warn you of accidents of other road blocks that occur during your road trips.

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    • - Logo is an app that provides offline maps. All you have to do is download the map you want, choose a route in this area and you are ready to go on an adventure!

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    2. Find the perfect spot

    Spot vanlife sea view

    One of the most important things when traveling by van (especially in the middle of summer!). To spend a pleasant night and park with peace of mind , these applications will surely help you a lot!


    • Park4Night
    Park 4 Night - Logo

    The Park4Night application dedicated to “nice spots in motorhomes, converted vans & vans” lists spots in the middle of nature , camping pitches, rest areas , car parks and even pitches made available between individuals! The paid version of the application (€9.99/year) also allows you to access additional search filters such as places to empty gray and black water, find water, etc.

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    • HomeCamper
    Home Camper - Logo

    The Home Camper application is dedicated to camping with locals and allows you to reserve a pitch with an individual, in France and in neighboring countries.

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    • FrancePassion
    France Passion-Logo

    The France Passion application allows you to stay with local producers (breeders, farmers, winegrowers, etc.) and discover their products. This is an annual subscription (at the price of 33€) giving you free access to more than 2000 stages in France. Only one condition: you must have a van equipped with a WC, water and electricity.

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    3. Find drinking water and toilets

    Camping drinking water taps

    Turning on the tap and seeing that nothing comes out of it can quickly become stressful when traveling in a van , campervan or motorhome. Even when saving water, especially during long stays, there is a time when you have to refuel!


    • Free Taps
    Free Taps - Logo

    The Free Taps app shows all drinking water points. If you find an unlisted drinking water point, you can report it and thus help future travelers who will take the same roads as you.

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    • Flush
    Flush - Logo

    Because not all vans are equipped with toilets, this Flush application makes it easy to find public toilets! The application indicates if the toilets are paying, if a key is required to enter them or if they are adapted for people with reduced mobility.

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    4. Refuel

    Person filling the tank of his vehicle with fuel

    Unless your van is electric, gasoline remains the basis to allow you to travel and travel the roads. So you better know where to find fuel! ;)


    • Gas Now
    Gas Now - Logo

    The Gas Now app shows the nearest and also the cheapest gas stations .

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      5. Find wifi

      Digital nomad working in his van

      • Wi-Fi Finder
      Wifi Finder - Logo

      Digital nomads , we think of you! ;) The Wifi Finder application helps to find a nearby wifi network quickly. To work quietly or have a little "binge-watching" evening during your road trips.

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      6. Know the weather

      Van driving into the sunset

      If you want to go where the sun shines brightly and/or plan outdoor activities, specialized apps will surely be more accurate than those on your smartphone in telling you the exact weather conditions.


      • Meteo France
        Meteo France - Logo


        The Météo France application is perfect for knowing the weather today, tomorrow and in the next 15 days.


        Windy - Logo

        The application is very detailed and allows you to know precisely the weather in France but also everywhere in the world.

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        7. Plan hiking routes and visits

        Two people hiking in the mountains

        • Visorando
        Visorando - Logo

        The Visorando application offers hiking and mountain biking routes in France and abroad. Each user can propose an itinerary which is checked and completed by a team of moderators before being published. The +: an IGN map with your geolocation.

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        • all trails
        Alltrails - Logo

        The Alltrails app highlights hiking, running, mountain biking and road biking routes. Thanks to the different filters, you can find the route that suits you best!

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        • To discover the surroundings
        Phone taking a photo of a sunset in the city

        For your passages in town , do not hesitate to download applications which allow to visit the districts and the monuments differently thanks to virtual reality . For example, there is the LegendR application for more than 50 destinations in France and abroad or the Totemus application for Belgium.



        8. Tell your road trip and share your itinerary

        Travel diary, road map and travel diary


        • Polar Steps
        Polar Steps - Logo

        Upload your photos, add text and the Polar Steps app will take care of sharing your route and your best travel shots with those you want ! This application offers a super simple solution to tell your adventures , keep track of your travels and to give your news to your loved ones!

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        As you can see, there are many Vanlife applications , we hardly know where to turn! Here are the applications for us that are always useful to have downloaded and that have saved us a few times during our road trips in a van. ;)

        Must-Have Apps - Logo

        • Google Maps , to guide us on the roads.
        • ParkForNight , to discover the most beautiful spots and find out where to empty the waste water.
        • FreeTaps , so you don't run out of drinking water.
        • Flush , to find a toilet on our way.


        And the little extra for the environment :)

        To Good To Go - Logo

        Too Good To Go is the best app for enjoying good food and fighting against food waste at the same time. Because you don't always want to spend hours in the kitchen of your van or converted vehicle. The Too Good To Go application centralizes unsold items from restaurants and shops, so you can pick up the dishes of your choice at a reduced price.

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        And you, do you have other Vanlife applications that you use to recommend to us? Do not hesitate to share your opinion with us!

        We hope this little summary will be useful to you on your next road trips. :)

        April 19, 2023 — Noa Lambert
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