A complete checklist for going on a road trip

    Going on a road trip in a van, converted van or motorhome requires a little preparation to prepare your belongings and knowing what to take can quickly become a dilemma:

    • We want to be minimalist so that everything fits in our campervan (and not spend our time moving things around to find something)
    • We want to be sure not to forget anything to make the most of the road trip.

    With Aurel, we then thought about all the things that we think are necessary for a road trip in a campervan and our favorite accessories which, of course, are not essential, but make our road trip so much more comfortable!

    So to make sure you don't forget anything and to allow you to make the right choices, we have prepared THE checklist of equipment and accessories to take before your departure:

    1. Kitchen
    2. Furniture and storage
    3. Hygiene and dishes
    4. Safety and vehicle
    5. Hygiene
    6. Comfort

    You can also download the checklist   to add your must-have notes and accessories that might be missing from our list.

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    It's always nice to have the essential utensils to cook in a van , to be able to vary the recipes and prepare good meals.

    We have grouped the essentials (crockery, cutting board, colander, etc.) and equipment that can allow us to cook our favorite recipes (the Omnia camping oven) and prepare good breakfasts to start the day (with toasted sandwiches and good coffee!)

    For more comfort…

  • Omnia camping oven
  • Foldable toaster
  • Unbreakable wine glass
  • Stainless steel kettle
  • Reusable coffee filter
  • Mocha - espresso coffee maker
  • French press
  • gas grill
  • Foldable barbecue 
  • USB portable mixer
  • compact salad spinner
  • Filter bottle
  • Hygiene and dishes

    Whether it is to do the dishes or to wash, there are several pieces of equipment that quickly become essential, especially when you live in a very small space and do the dishes or shower at the outside.

    To protect our environment , we only use biodegradable soaps and compact utensils such as the foldable basin, mini clothesline and microfiber towels. And for more comfort, the foldable toilets quickly become an essential as well as the suction cup drying rack or the washing bag to do occasional laundry and in complete autonomy.

    For more comfort…

    Furniture and storage

    Once arrived at a spot, we are happy to take out our table and our chairs and take a short break to enjoy the landscape.

    Mobile furniture is essential for settling in comfortably, as well as duvets , pillows and sheets for a quiet night.

    And for better organization and to optimize space, we recommend using storage baskets as well as storage pouches / bags for your clothes.

    And, if you like to swing to the sound of crickets or cicadas then the compact hammock will quickly slip into your van!

    For more comfort…

  • Storage pockets
  • compact hammock 
  • Hammock straps
  • picnic blanket 
  • hot water bottle
  • Earplugs
  • Safety and vehicle

    Some equipment is essential to ensure our safety in a campervan, converted van or motorhome, such as the gas detector (if you have a gas installation), first aid kit, M1 safety kit (compulsory in any vehicle), powder extinguisher in case of fire, etc.

    And it is always useful to have other accessories for the maintenance of our vehicle , sleeping flat on spotlights and filling the water tank with a suitable hose.

    For more comfort…


    Here are some extra accessories that allow us to spend the evening under the stars, walk around our van more easily without putting our shoes back on each time, stay cool when the sun is beating down and write down all our adventures and favorites from our trip. .

    • Citronella candle
    • Backpack
    • Blanket
    • Pair of flip flops, to get in and out of the van faster 

    For more comfort…

  • LED string lights
  • board games
  • Travelogue
  • Fan
  • travel cushion
  • hi tech

    Even if, when we are on a road trip, we like to disconnect, to be away from our phones and computer, electricity is still essential to charge our phones and have light in the evening.

    For this, some accessories become very useful to charge our phone, our lamps, our reading light and even watch a movie!

    • 12V-USB charger
    • LED lamp
    • Nomadic battery
    • Charger cables

    For more comfort

  • Solar panel
  • Li-battery
  • Converter
  • WIFI router
  • Power extension cord
  • _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

    We hope that this checklist will allow you to go on a road trip in peace and to have the essential equipment for your next trip!
    If you have any suggestions for other essential accessories for a road trip in a van, camper van or motorhome, please share them with us in the comments below!
    See you soon on the roads,
    Ori and Aurel, the founders of Casambu

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    January 02, 2024 — Ori & Aurel

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