Maxi mold - for Omnia Oven

Brand Omnia

The maxi mold from Omnia is a very useful accessory for the Omnia portable oven, because who hasn't thought to themselves: "we need more cake".

Thanks to its height, you can increase the quantities cooked by over 50%.

The Omnia Maxi mold is used with the Omnia base and lid, sold in the Omnia oven.

The Omnia oven can accommodate other accessories available on our e-shop such as silicone mold and muffin molds, thermometer, etc.

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The Omnia maxi mold is ideal for those who want to cook larger quantities with their Omnia portable oven.

  • Dimensions : (d)25cm * (h)10cm
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight : about 200g
  • Volume: 3 liters
  • Color : gray

Hand wash. Not dishwasher safe.

Sold alone. Mold suitable for the Omnia portable oven.