Italian stainless steel espresso coffee maker - 6 cups


The Italian stainless steel espresso coffee maker from the Groenenberg brand is the perfect accessory to accompany mornings on road trips or camping. With its capacity of 300 ml , it can make 6 espresso cups, so there will be enough coffee for everyone!

Making coffee in this coffee maker is very simple: just pour water into the lower part of the machine and then fill the stainless steel filter with ground coffee . Then, you screw the lower and upper parts together before placing the whole thing on a heat source. Once the water boils and rises to the top, the coffee is ready to enjoy!

Made of stainless steel , the Groenenberg coffee maker is of very good quality and particularly robust . It has no trace of aluminum . It can be used on all types of hobs: gas, electric hobs and even induction hobs. A spare sealing ring is included with the purchase of this machine for longer use.

The Groenenberg Italian coffee maker is light and compact , it stores easily and can be taken anywhere during your travels.

This Moka coffee maker is very easy to clean : by hand or in the dishwasher. It can be dismantled into individual parts for even easier cleaning. It is designed without grooves so that no residue remains in the coffee machine. Basic household products are enough to keep the coffee maker clean.

We can already smell the good smell of coffee spreading in our van, can you too?


The Groenenberg Italian espresso coffee maker allows you to make 6 cups of coffee very easily during nomadic trips in a van, converted van or even in a motorhome.

  • Dimensions: (d)10.5cm * (h)19cm
  • Weight: 760g
  • Material: very high quality 304/430 stainless steel, heat resistant, completely free of aluminum
  • Colours: gray
  • Capacity: 300ml

The + for the planet

Groenenberg is a sustainable and committed brand:

  • 100% plastic-free shipping in reused boxes
  • Durable and repairable products thanks to a repair service
  • Objective of relocating production to Europe