My Secret Spots Travel Journal


This My Secret Spots travel diary from Roadtyping brings together all the memories of nomadic travel.

The notebook consists of different parts. First of all, a part comprising tables to gather information on your spots and your most beautiful discoveries while traveling. The second part allows you to paste your photos, travel tickets, your entries to national parks and other souvenirs collected along the way. Finally, the last part is a notepad space to detail all your most beautiful moments!

Compact and light, it can be easily stored and taken anywhere: in your van, campervan, camper or in your backpack.

This notebook is perfect for those who want to remember every moment spent on the road!


The My Secret Spots Roadtyping travel diary accompanies you on the roads, you can collect all your travel memories. 

  • Dimensions: (L)18cm * (w)12cm * (h)0.5cm
  • Weight: 69g
  • Material: natural paper (printed in Bavaria - Germany)
  • Colours: blue