Game of the 7 Vanlife families

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Here is the famous game of 7 families, designed and created around vanlife, by vanlifers!

Maggy and Gilles, nomadic travellers, are the creators of this superb 100% vanlife game. They were inspired by many vanlifers traveling in their van, motorhome , van, 4x4 and other vehicles to create cute illustrations on each of the cards.

The game is made up of 7 families featuring 42 different vehicles:

  1. the Collectors
  2. Utilities
  3. Motorhomes
  4. the VWs
  5. Mercos
  6. the 4×4
  7. Trailers, caravans, tiny houses and caravans

This game of 7 families is as good for children as it is for adults: the color codes of the families allow little vanlifers who can't (yet) read to tell the families apart.

A game to play with the family, on the road or at home, for the enjoyment of young and old!

You can also discover the creators of this game on Instagram and follow their vanlife adventures: @coucouliberté

The + for the planet

  • PEFC-certified paper for sustainable forest management and ISO 14001 (rules for integrating environmental concerns to control environmental impact).
  • Pouch in organic cotton certified “GOTS”, hand-printed.