Gas level indicator - GC100

Brand Dometic
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Who has ever run out of gas in their van, camper van or motorhome while cooking or, even worse, in the middle of the night when it is -5°? outside...?

The “Gas Checker” gas tester from the brand Dometic instantly tells you the amount of LPG in your gas bottle. The filling level indicator is based on ultrasonic technology. Simply press the probe on the tank: a green light indicates that there is gas at the point where the measurement was taken. If the warning light is on, there is no gas at this level.

This will allow you to precisely and quickly measure the level of propane and know in seconds if you will need to change/refill your gas cylinder soon. It is suitable for steel or aluminum propane tanks.

Small and lightweight, it fits very easily in your van, camper van or motorhome. With this pocket gas checker, there is no risk of failure.


The Dometic “Gas Checker” gas monitor is very useful for knowing the level of gas present in the bottle.

  • Materials: 420HC stainless steel, Black oxide
  • Dimensions: (L)1.6cm * (w)11.3cm * (h)1.6cm
  • Weight: 20g
  • Compatible with steel or aluminum propane tanks, with a diameter of 20cm to 35cm