Portable safe - UpLock

Brand UpFiner

The UpFiner brand UpLock portable safely secures your personal belongings such as smartphones, wallets, passports, jewelry and keys during your road trips in a van, campervan or camping.

UpLock is the first nomadic safe made in France with:

  • A detection system : when locked, the safe rings if it is moved, thus notifying its owner. It unlocks with a code.
  • An alarm that sounds when the trunk is moved. It is designed to deter anyone from stealing valuables (wallets, phones, jewelry, keys). The sound level of the alarm is adjustable with a minimum of 85db. At maximum setting, the sound can be heard up to a distance of almost 100 meters. 
  • A steel cable: which allows you to attach the safe (for example in your vehicle) and to secure valuables when the alarm cannot be activated (in airports and hospitals for example). A little plus: the cable is long enough to secure other objects such as a suitcase.

Once valuables are in the safe, lock it and your belongings will be safe and protected in the event of a break-in.

For added security, a steel cable is supplied with this high security safe.

Very solid and robust, it is also waterproof and sandproof, the safe can be taken anywhere. With this safe, you are sure to be able to set off peacefully on nomadic trips and outdoor outings.

Compact , it secures the essentials (smartphones, wallets, keys, jewellery, headphones, etc.) and it slips into a bag, under an armchair or other small spaces.

The UpLock safe runs on two AA batteries and has a one-year battery life for typical everyday use.

You can enjoy your outings to the beach, your sports sessions or your nomadic naps with peace of mind, your valuables are safe!


UpFiner 's UpLock nomadic safe secures your personal belongings when traveling in a van , campervan or camping.

The safe is delivered with a steel cable , a carrying strap , two AA batteries as well as the user manual.

  • Dimensions: (L)25cm * (w) 19cm * (h)6cm
  • Weight: 550g
  • Material: White UV-treated ABS for exterior, interior foam coating
  • Colours: white
  • Capacity: 1200 cm3
  • Power supply: AA batteries (one year battery life)
  • Content : case, steel cable, carrying strap, 2 AA batteries

The + for the planet

UpFiner is a sustainable and committed brand:

  • Manufactured in France on sites using renewable energies
  • Environmentally friendly packaging and use of water-based inks
  • Quality materials, durable and repairable products