Coffee filter + Insulated mug

Brand Stanley

For all coffee lovers, there is nothing better than the good smell of coffee when we wake up and especially when we are in your van, camper van or motorhome and we can enjoy a beautiful view when you wake up.

To make coffee with ease, here is the "Classic Pour Over" coffee filter from the brand Stanley that makes coffee anytime with just hot water and ground coffee. The stainless steel insert serves as a permanent filter (bye bye disposable filters). Its large capacity of 0.6 L allows you to prepare up to 6 cups of espresso or 2 nice cups of coffee.

And to take advantage of this moment, here is the 35cl double-walled insulated mug matching the filter to drink your drink at the perfect temperature. The double-walled steel stainless design keeps hot for 1.5h and cold for 3h. Its durable lid will allow you to take it anywhere with you without wasting a drop

Robust, this thermal mug and coffee filter are designed to last and "built for life": Stanley brand accessories are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects.


The "Coffee filter + Insulated mug" set is ideal for preparing coffee in a van, camper van or motorhome.

It contains:

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