Folding solar panel with integrated battery - Photon Power Bank

Brand Sunslice

The Photon external solar battery made by Sunslice was designed using one of the most powerful solar technologies in the world.

Equipped with  Sunpower® solar technology, it is the only solar battery capable of recharging a smartphone in only 3h thanks to the sun and its high-performance photovoltaic cells.

With its intelligent design and its high-performance solar cells, the Photon solar charger can store twice as much energy in the same space with the same weight. The pocket-size PowerBank Photon is therefore the smallest solar charger in the world.

Extremely powerful, it can charge a telephone 3 times faster than similar chargers.

Highly resistant, the Photon powerbank is covered with premium vegan and biodégrable faux leather and is resistant to impacts, humidity, scratches and wear.

Photon is THE ideal solar battery for vanlife and for nomad travellers and campers.

With the solar charger, you can go on a road trip with your van or camping car and travel without worrying about a flat battery. Once you are ready., you can just put your powerbank in your pocket!

Product +  :

  • Light : only 220g.
  • Compact : the smallest pocket-size solar charger in the world.
  • Powerful : the solar charger charges your smartphone in less than 3h.
  • Integrated flashlight.
  • Resists impacts and splashes. 


The Powerbank Photon B is extremely efficient and compact:

  • Dimensions (open) : (l)10cm * (w)36cm * (h)0.9cm
  • Dimensions (folded): (l)10cm * (w)8cm * (h)2.5cm
  • Weight: 220g
  • Color: Blue

Technical specifications:

  • Flashlight:1 Lumen
  • Solar Power: 4.0 Watts
  • Battery Power: 10.0 Watts
  • Capacity: 4000mAh
  • Input: 5V, 2.1A USB-C
  • Output: 5V, 2.4A USB
  • Included: 3-in-1 cable (USB-C, Micro-USB, Lightning).
  • LED indicator: Blue (battery charging) / Green (battery is solar recharging).

The + for the planet

Sunslice is a sustainable and eco-friendly brand:

  • Member of the ‘World Alliance for Efficient Solutions’ which regroups the main actors of the energy industry who work towards a sustainable future.
  • Covered with vegan and biodegradable faux leather 
  • High-performance recycled Sunpower® cells.