Vanlife and nomadic life

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Dana and Stéphane, two passionate travellers, took the plunge a few years ago to start a nomadic life aboard their converted van named Tikal.

In this book Vanlife et vie nomad, they take you on their whole adventure and share their experience with you, starting with technical aspects such as finding the vehicle , planning and approval and other inspiring topics such as reflecting on their nomadic life project with kind and helpful advice.

You will discover different portraits and testimonials from other vanlifers, solo travelers, couples or families who have also chosen a nomadic life and thrive in this new lifestyle.

A source of inspiration and a (very) practical guide to get started in the nomadic life!

You can also discover the adventures of the World of Tikal on Instagram: @thewildsteps


Vanlife and nomadic life - A wonderful book to answer all our questions about nomadic life.

  • Author : Dana Tentea and Stéphane Boitel
  • Publisher : Eyrolles
  • Language : French
  • Number of pages : 194 pages
  • Size : (L)23cm * (W)17cm
  • Weight: 592g