Vanlife in Brittany

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How about exploring Brittany in a van?

Brittany is a destination that is wild, captivating and conceals magnificent landscapes to discover on a road trip. Hundreds of kilometers of coastline with its vertiginous cliffs, large sandy beaches, legendary forests, lakes and mysterious valleys.

The book “Vanlife in Brittany”, is a guide for travel, written by Camille and Pierre , a couple of nomadic travelers who share their passion for vanlife with us and take us on a journey through the expanses of Brittany, aboard their VW T3 Joker fitted van.

You will discover:

  • 9 inspiring stories of nomadic travelers
  • itineraries and thematic circuits for a road trip,
  • advice for life in a van,
  • ideas of activities for each stopover (hikes, visits, places not to be missed, etc.)
  • their favorite things and places
  • a checklist so you don't forget anything
  • ... and all illustrated with wonderful photos and computer graphics.

An inspiring book to prepare for your next road trip and that makes you want to travel.

You can also follow the nomadic adventures of Camille and Pierre on Instagram: @the_roadtrippers.



The RoadTrippers - Vanlife in Brittany offers lots of ideas and advice to help you prepare for your road trip in Brittany.

  • Authors: Camille Visage & Pierre Rouxel
  • Publisher: The Roadtrippers - Self-publishing
  • Language: French
  • Number of pages: 208 pages
  • Size: A5 (L)21cm * (w)15cm * (h)1.6cm
  • Weight: 450g


The + for the planet

The Roadtrippers is a sustainable and committed brand:

  • Book printed in France
  • French paper certified FSC and isustainable forest management.
  • Vegetable inks