Nomadic fireplace - Firesafe


On a road trip, camping or on a summer evening, we love to sit around a campfire, enjoy the warmth of the fire and the present moment.

With this portable Fire Safe fireplace from the Wolf and Grizzly brand, you can have a campfire in complete safety, without damaging the environment and the spot where you settled down for the night.

The nomadic, safe, practical and durable fireplace is made of 304 stainless steel. This technical and quality material has a high heat tolerance. It will age beautifully over time and accompany you on all your nomadic adventures.

It goes perfectly with the Grill Barbecue Wolf and Grizzly to turn your campfire into a delicious barbecue. Grill your meats and vegetables with charcoal or wood and choose the three versatile height modes.

The nomadic household contains:

  • A high-end fireproof cabinet
  • A collapsible fire safety base
  • A corrugated fireproof insert

*Sold separately. You can combine the Grill Barbecue with your portable fireplace to obtain a complete cooking kit.


  • Material: High Quality 304 Stainless Steel
  • Unfolded dimensions: (L)28cm * (W)28.5cm
  • Weight: 910g

It can be used with charcoal or wood.

Care Tips: Fire Safe makes your campfire easy to set up and clean. Once the charcoal has cooled, simply lift the Fire Safe Plate and safely remove the ashes.