Box - Wild & Free

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This pretty plate and its enamel mug Wild & Free from the German brand Roadtyping have been designed for on-the-go meals.

Light and very resistant, they won't break if dropped. They can also be used directly on your gas stove to heat food. A great option for durable and plastic-free tableware.

We love the design and the 100% vanlife illustrations, designed for our road trips and adventures in vans, camper vans or motorhomes.


This Wild & Free set includes:

  • An enamel plate Wild & Free
  • The Enamel Mug Wild & Free

- Dishwasher safe.

- Heat resistant and can be put in the oven and on the wood fire.

- If my enamel is chipping, can I still use it?

Yes. Like any other ceramic, the outer layer of porcelain can flake off if dropped, revealing the steel beneath. When this happens, the steel underneath naturally oxidizes and the enamel remains safe to use. Plus, in our opinion, it gains a bit more character.

The + for the planet

  • Enamel plates are 100% recyclable, food safe and pollutant free.