100% virgin wool hot water bottle


Some evenings and nights in the van can get very cold. The traditional hot water bottle of our grandmothers then regains all its usefulness and will bring you the warmth you are looking for.

The Uni hot water bottle from Lapuan Kankurit is hand-woven in Finland with pure virgin wool, which makes it extremely soft and fluffy, pleasant to the touch and very comfortable, even on bare skin.

The inner bottle, with a capacity of 2L, is made by the German brand Fashy, the world's leading manufacturer of high quality hot water bottles. Very solid and secure, the Fashy water bottle is fully molded without a gasket at the neck to prevent leaks, which ensures a perfect seal .

Easy to fill from the top thanks to its wide neck, which limits the risk of back pressure when filling the hot water bottle.

The thick walls of the hot water bottle allow prolonged heat diffusion and provide up to 8 hours of heat. The hot water bottle then remains lukewarm, providing even more comfort.

This high-quality hot water bottle will bring you moments of well-being and a cozy and natural atmosphere thanks to its Nordic and elegant design, its pure new wool cover and its softness.


The Lapuan Kankurit hot water bottle is of high quality, solid and with strong thermal performance, bringing you soft and long-lasting heat.

  • Boiler material: High quality recyclable thermoplastic
  • Cover material: 100% pure wool virgin
  • Dimensions: (L)35cm * (W)22cm * (h)6cm
  • Weight: 950g
  • Capacity: 2L
  • Colour: light gray
  • Legislation: Complies with the very strict BS1970:2012 standard for heated products. CE standard, European standard. Hot water bottles tested by TUV, an independent quality control body.
  • Handcrafted in Finland.

Removable cover.

Advice for use: fill the hot water bottle with hot water (not boiling) to ⅔ maximum, keeping it vertical. Evacuate the residual air and screw the cap.

The hot water bottle can be used for both hot and cold.

The + for the planet

Lapuan Kankurit and Fashy are sustainable and committed brands:

  • Lapuan Kankurit is a family business specializing in high quality wools. The blankets are handcrafted and sustainably woven in their weaving mills in Lapua, Finland.
  • Fashy brand hot water bottles are made with recyclable materials.
  • Fashy is a partner of the humanitarian association "World vision" committed to the education of children in disadvantaged regions.